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With a combined experience of over 60 years in Traditional Leadlights, our craftsmen are able to offer a service in the manufacture of new Tradtional Leadlights and the Restoration of damaged lead and zinc lights.

When manufacturing new leadlights, the design has to be carefully drawn up to the actual size and dimensions of the lead and shapes of glass to be used to ensure the finished panel reflects the design that you require and it fits the frame it is to be glazed in to. This design then forms the template on which the leadlight is built.

From the moment you chose a tradtional leadlight method for your glass panel, we take time with you to draw up the final design and choose the right complimentary colours and glass textures from our vast stocks to create that finished panel with the 'WOW' factor that you will enjoy and be proud off for years to come.


Restoration work is equally painstaking in trying to restore the damaged leadlight to its former glory. As far as able, all the orginal leads and glass are retained within the leadlight, cleaned up and any loose joints resoldered. In some cases it may be impossible and a new one needs to be built following the pattern and glass textures as closely as possible to the orginal. In many older leadlight it is impossible to exactly match the same textrue of glass used in repairing and replacing broken peices. We do keep a wide range of older glass from repair and salvage work over the years and try as far as possible to match the glass exaclty. However, if this is not possible, we do keep a stock of many new glasses that closey replicate the older versions of textured glass to achieve the best match possible. With the many years of experience in the glass industry behind them, both Phil (snr) and Phil (jnr) can readily identify older glasses and their availability in the current market and any alternative matches if required.

All traditional leadlights that come in for repair and restoration are fully checked over cleaned and joints resoldered as required as well as part of the service in repairing the damaged sectio. This will ensure that your leadlight is not only returned to its former glory, but will continue to provide many more years of enjoyment.




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