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Simulated Stained Glass is the art of applying self adhesive lead and film to the glass to achieve that look of tradtional leadlights at a fraction of the cost. Designs that are impossible to manufacture in genuine leadlights due to its intricacy come to life in simulated stained glass. It also lends itself to greater security and longevity for door panels with the design being manufactured on one piece of glass and the use of safety glass in areas as required to comply with Australian Glass & Glazing Standards AS 1288-2006.

Sourced from materials from leading manufactures in the industry, we offer a range of over 500 colours of stained glass film with textures including solid and opague colours, whisps, grain, marbled and metalic effects to name but a few. The film is manufactured to ensure that it is both water and UV resistant to enure that your colours in the desing remain vivid for years to come. The self-adhesive lead is 99.5% pure lead and comes in a variety of widths and profiles to enable us to create designs from intricate birds and fauna through to simple diamond grids. With our in-house artist, the sky is the limit as you can choose and design your own simulated leadlight overlay.


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