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Our roots date back to the early 1950s in England where Philip's (Snr)  father opened a glass company in Birmingham which specialised in both the manufacture and restoration of genuine lead and zinc lights. Many of the these original leadlights are still evident in churches and buildings in and throughout Central England and the original drawings remain available in our catalogue today.

Philip Snr and his brother joined and took over the family buisness during the 1980s and ran it for several years expanding and developing it to branch into the fields of general glazing and windscreen replacements for vehicles. In his teenage years, Philip Jnr worked in the business working from the ground up sweeping the floors and running errands whilst learning the both the leadlight and glazing crafts. The reputation of  'Boyce Glass' was second to none and was a highly respected for the both the quality and scope of work that it undertook. Six years prior to emigrating to Perth,  Boyce Glass was sold to an multi-national Glass company and the family took a short break from the glass industry.

Soon after emigrating to Perth, Philip Snr again felt the pull to return to the stained glass industry.  He registered Boyce Western Glass and ran a small glass studio from his home in Maida Vale specialising in new and restoration work in the field of traditional stained glass. In 1993, Philip (jnr), having emigrated to Perth six months earlier, joined his father and together they expanded the business into the fields of simulated stained glass overly and general glazing. Many Hills locals will today still recall visting this studio to either buy hobby supplies to complete their own masterperices or to have one specially designed and manufactured. As the business grew, Stained Glass Sensations was born as a means of promoting the traditional and simulated stained glass side of the business and was widely known at the main home, craft and wood shows held each year at the Claremont Showgrounds.

In 2005, Stained Glass Sensations/Boyce Western Glass moved into a purpose built factory unit in HIgh Wycombe where it still runs today. The factory unit is conveniently located on the Abernethy Road intersection allowing easy access to all main roads to enable us to service down to Fremantle, up to Joondalup and across to Toodyay. The extra space also allowed us to expand the range and amount of stock we hold providing customers with more choice and the confidence that they will get all their supplies in the one place. There is also now a large showroom with the full range of stained glass and overly products and tools on display allowing customers to browse through our extensive range. We bring in shipments from all over the world to ensure we hold an extensive range of stock and are currently further expanding our stained glass supplies with a shipment from America.

The move to the larger premises also enabled the business to expand into general glazing and merchanting glass to the trade. This has enabled us to provide a complete service not only in the manufacture of tradtional and simulated leadlights, but also in stocking a wider variety of glass for use in simulated overlay with qualified glaziers on board to complete all aspects of the glazing work from removal of damamged panels, to re-glazing the new/restored panels.

Both Phil (snr) and Phil (jnr) remain directly and actively involved in the day to day running of the business and so are able to offer advice and consultation on any new and retoration work for both genuine leadlight and simulated overly leadlights as well as advice on what tools and materials are required and how to complete the project if you choose to do it yourself. We sell parts for the most popular Glass Grinders and cutting machines and provide an advice and maintenance service for them also.


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Address: 90 Dundas Road
High Wycombe WA
Phone: 9454 8546
E-mail: info@sglass.com.au