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With over 60 years of experience in the stained glass industry the Directors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience which is placed at your disposal to restore traditional leadlights to their former glory or to create your own unique masterpiece.


We offer a full service in Tradtional Stained Glass and Leadlights, Zinc Leadlights and Simulated Overlay Leadlights both in new work and restoration work. Our on site artist is gifted in drawing up any design that you chose, creating designs of varying intricacy and scale to meet both your vision for the completed piece and the budget you have to work within.

We work closely with you from the moment you decide on your design, taking time to choose colours and textures from our huge stocks of genuine stained glass, film, lead and glass bevels, right through to the completion and final installation of your panel. Our Glaziers are experienced in removing broken genuine leadlights carefully to minimise further damage and re-glazing the completed restored or new panel of genuine or simulated overlay work.

All prices on panels are quoted individually as cost is dependant on design, size, and glass type chosen.

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As qualified glaziers we also are able to offer complete service from repairing or manufacturing your geniue or simulated leadlight panels right thorugh to  glazing service to ensure your leadlight panel.


For those of you who have the time to enjoy designing and making your own masterpiece, we stock an extensive range of glass and tools for the genuine stained glasshobbyist and over 500 colours of film and varying widths of self adhesive lead for the simulated overlay projects.

We are constantly expanding our product range, we encourage you to visit our site from time to time to see what is new and what is on special.


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